File uploads made easy

Dropzone.js is one of the most popular drag and drop JavaScript libraries. It is free, fully open source, and makes it easy for you to handle dropped files on your website.

It's meant to look good by default, and is highly customizable.


Source code on GitHub

You can get all the source code on GitHub, as well as installation instructions. If you encounter an issue with this library, this is the place to create an issue.



All the documentation about Dropzone, and the multiple ways to configure and customise it, can be found on GitBook.

Stackoverflow GitHub

Questions and Support

If you need help, there are GitHub Discussions and Stackoverflow. Use the tag dropzonejs and there'll be plenty of people helping you out.

Dropzone.js comes feature packed

And it's easy to add the features you want

Built to last

Dropzone is a robust library trusted by millions. It started in 2012 with compatibility in mind. Whether your users use an outdated browser, or have JavaScript enabled, Dropzone got you covered.

  • Chunked uploads
  • Error handling
  • Well tested
  • Wide browser support
  • Fallback without JavaScript
  • Fully customizable
  • Open Source
  • Translation support
  • jQuery plugin
  • File queues
  • Multiple installation options

Looking good by default

One main goal when creating Dropzone was to have file previews that are not only practical, but also look good. That's why the default design of Dropzone looks great without you needing to do anything.

  • Good looking defaults
  • Image Previews
  • Progress Bars
  • Success & error icons
  • Themes